May 20, 2018

Spare parts for cars

How to choose the wheels?

Wheels belong to the essentials car spare parts. Of course, every model needs a special size types of the wheels. But it is possible to choose different kinds of metal for their production. In this article we will tell you which of them are better.


The wheels, made of light aluminium alloys, have a lot of advantages. They reduce the load on the chassis, slow down its wear, improve the car dynamics in dispersing and braking and even reduce fuel consumption. Aluminium wheels also prevent the breaking nod from heating and allow creating a special cooling design with the abundance of holes or specific paddles.

The forged alloy wheels have gained the best reputation. The tight structure of forged metal is incredibly strong. Such wheels never bend or crack. However, they are quite expensive.

The stamped steel wheels are usually out of question. Nevertheless, most of them car lovers leave the conveyer with them . The stamped wheel and rim are usually welded. The main disadvantage of the steel wheels is their heavy weight.

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