June 21, 2018

Spare parts for cars

New Infinity engine with variable compression of ratio made a revolution in optimizing the efficiency of the internal combustion engine.

 engineThe new technology is called VC-T. The principle of its work consists in the possibility of the engine to adjust the height of the stroke, if it is necessary and thereby adjusting the compression ratio. Depending on the situation, the motor may change the index of compression of 8: 1 to 14: 1 for the transition to the most effective mode of fuel consumption.

This engine will have a volume of 2 liters, capacity of 270 horsepower and torque of 390 Nm. These features allow you to compare a new engine with a standard V6 engine with capacity of 3.5 liters, which then spends an average on 27% more fuel.

For the operation of this system, the classic design of the engine had to be changed, which led to its weighting, and larger dimensions as nissan altima headlight replacement.

However, a good balancing of the engine has led to the uselessness installation of balancing shafts, and dimensions of the new engine does not require the development of radically new solutions for its installation under the hood of the car.