June 21, 2018

Spare parts for cars

With really big isn’t big enough this is where you turn it’s the new 2006 Dodge Ram mega cab, and it has the rear seat with 4 inches more legroom and 2 inches more headroom than a Mercedes S class. Enormous cavernous insert your word for extra large here and you’ve accurately describe the mega calves proportions. The seats recline their storage behind them and you could easily fit 3 adults across the seat with a fourth not out of the question. Who needs this you ask I wondered that myself as I drove the mega cab for the week.

Dodge RamIt’s so long and wide that it’s a nightmare in parking lots. Drive right to the open spots in the back of the lot and give yourself a wide berth so it’s not the vehicle of choice to replace your SUV picture, the mega cab on a Texas ranch transporting oil barons to check on their fields it would take a state that large to hold the truck this big. My tester is the 1500 Laramie model with 4 wheel drive base price in this configuration is 40000 175 and yes it comes with the 5.7 liter hemi there’s, also a 5 speed auto and electronic dialed the switch in a 4 wheel drive modes. Of course all Laramie models come fully loaded but my tester took up several notches with a very good Chrysler navvy system leather seats sunroof career DVD and much more for total price of 47 0 170.

It’s much more luxurious than that pretender Lincoln mark LT. Of course it’s still a tall heavy truck so it doesn’t ride like a luxury sedan despite its accommodations but it’s quite easy going along highway trips and will amble around town comfortably as long as you can squeeze it through traffic. During my week I averaged a wallet depleting 13 miles per gallon which is made even less appealing when you consider that it wants me great gas but it will run on 87 octane without complications. $70 fill ups come every 34 gallons. New fro 6 the ramp displays, a redesigned front face here with this chrome bar running Dodge Ram sport headlights, across the bottom otherwise it looks and feels much the same as the ramp 1500 Laramie. I drove back in 04 it may not be the best full size of the market but with the new mega cab option it now put itself in a class of its own there’s limited appeal but for those that need it the limousine of trucks has arrived. For drive time on car TV on Steve Hamm this.

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